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VybeTask Overview:

What is VybeTask? Simply, VybeTask is a tool to increase your organisation's efficiency. VybeTask accomplished this by providing:

The defining factor which makes VybeTask stand out is simplicity. VybeTask offers a simple, clean, intuitive interface, which provides all of the complexity and flexibility required for most organisations. VybeTask system has proven itself effective with small teams of only a couple of people, to mid-sized high-traffic organisations with dozens of members.

Below, you will be introduced to some of the main interfaces of VybeTask. While looking over the images and descriptions, keep in mind that the following is just an few samples. Also be aware that in some images certain company names have been "smudged" to avoid recognition, and that the images have been reduced in size for this presentation.

Main Page:

The main page interface quickly lists all categories, projects and people which are active in the VybeTask database. Clicking any of these will lead to a listing of relevant Jobs (only categories and projects which the veiwer has permission to view will appear in the list).

In the top right you see your company/organisation's name, and the login ID of the viewer.

A "quick filter" interface is avaiable, which allows rapid generation of job lists with various constraints. In addition, there is a quick synopsis search or "jump to job #" box for quick job finding and display. A link to a full text search interface is provided.

Full Text Search Interface:

The following interface allows jobs to be searched in various ways.

Job Listings:

If you select a category, a person, or a project, from the main page, you will be presented with a relevant "job list".

Below features a sample of the job list you might see if you had selected the person "Karl Varga" from the main page. Notice that most of the fields in the table are links which can be followed to other job listings for the various categories and projects.

Most colums are sortable, and the sorts are cascading (ie. if you click multiple columns, the sorting will be done in that order). All of the colours you see below are configurable.

Selecting a job "synopisis" link will take one to the job edit/viewing page, which will be featured next.

Job Update/Review:

Here is the heart of VybeTask. Here a person may, if they have permissions, view and update the tasks in the database. One may notice many features of VybeTask in the image below.

Time spent can be tracked. A completion deadline can be assigned. Task responsibility can be transfered, priority altered, and notes entered. Notes which have been entered, as well as a record of most other changes to the task, appear in a list below. The interface is fast and efficient to use.

Admin Interface:

Security settings and program options can be managed through a secure adminstrative interface. Below you will find a small sample of areas. There are by no means all of the capabilities available, but provide a reasonable representation of VybeTask's features.


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